WISEA - Women’s Independence, Solidarity & Enlightenment Association – is an educating and networking membership platform where women are united to unleash their full potential, create, and support other women.
Our Values:
  • Respect
  • Freedom
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Loyalty
e are not JUST a networking club to grow your business
We want to make a difference on a global scale
To prevent violence against women and girls through:
To help women in need
Our priorities are:
a. Enlightening and empowering through sisterhood support and mastermind programmes.

b. Educating women and girls: promoting programmes that give women the opportunities to be educated, holding workshops for women on psychology, business, and investments.

c. Raising awareness through our anti-violence program that includes discussion clubs, sharing live stories of survivors and those, who prevented violence, programs on awareness of younger generations and much more.
a. 50% of the company’s net income will be dedicated to help women facing violence.

b. Equal rights and opportunities for women in society: actively engaging in policymaking processes, working with other human rights related organizations, and making contribution for promoting women’s rights and opportunities.

c. Mental health improvement through holding free lectures from the best mental health coaches and organizing retreats.
Why is it important?

Research* shows following figures:

- the prevalence of anxiety disorders is significantly higher for women (23.4 percent) than men (14.3 percent) (National Institute of Health, USA)
- one in five women compared with one in eight men have a mental disorder
over a quarter (26%) of young women aged between 16–24 years old report having a common mental health problem in any given week. This compares to 17% of adults.
- women are more likely to be affected by depression than men due to hormonal differences.
- 53% of women who have mental health problems have also experienced abuse.
*research data from National Institute of Health (NIH USA 2018), Mind (the National Association for Mental Health) (UK, 2020), AGENDA alliance (2016).

Unfortunately, this amount increases each year worldwide. Global non-positive statistics and the recent situation in Iran (#MahsaAmini campaign) have escalated the process of creating WISEA. Our mission and our values are goal-oriented and focused on offering effective solutions to prevent violence against women and girls and support the ones who are facing it.
How we do it:
Each voice, each member is equally important for WISEA, which provides mutual assistance, care and sympathy to all of them similarly.
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WISEA is educating society on family values, providing modern tools to help find their passion, and psychological support for the women who are facing any form of violence.
We help women to find and understand their passion, to start a business and be financially independent
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WISEA is educating society and especially the younger generation, spreading worldwide facts and statistics, introducing legislative acts and norms, making sure they are aware of own rights and opportunities.
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