What we are doing for prevention:
  • Holding free open discussion clubs for sharing live stories of survivors and those, who prevented violence. This will help women to learn from the experience of others and prevent being a victim of violence themselves.
  • Conducting trainings and workshops for educating women to be confident, to increase their self-esteem, identify any attempts of violence correctly and react immediately.
  • Participating in challenges and programmes of violence against women in cooperation with international organizations, networking at forums and round tables, sharing experience of support provided by different organizations globally. This will help WISEA and its subscribers to be informed on outer problems of violence and solutions.
  • Making younger generations aware of the challenges women face with violence, making them think about how to prevent it via debates tournaments and essay competitions at universities and schools.
What to do in case of violence:
Legislative base
Know your rights
International instruments:
National action plans on VAWG prevention :
Here are the links to 24/7 hot lines:
Central Asia
  • Kazakhstan
    • Hotline for domestic violence issues against women: dial 150 (free)
    • +77081060810 (WhatsApp)
    • www.telefon150.kz
  • Uzbekistan
    • Ministry of Internal Affairs Hot line for violence against women: dial 1259
    • Nemolchi.uz https://nemolchi.uz/help/
    • REAct project https://react-aph.org/o-react/ dial +998 (55) 503 06 00
  • Tajikistan
    • Hotline for domestic violence issues against women: dial 1313 (free)
    • REAct project https://react-aph.org/o-react/ dial 8555
  • Kyrgyzstan
    • Hotline for domestic violence issues against women: dial 117 (free)
Mental Health Support
WISEA along with its below listed partners provide mental health support for women: trainings and mastermind programmes on improving the quality of mental health.

1) Mind (the National Association for Mental Health), a registered company in England and Wales, UK
2) Health Poverty Action, Charity organization, UK https://www.healthpovertyaction.org
3) Women at Wish, Charity organization, UK